Backlinks Explained

We are often asked why backlinks are important to a website. Here is an example we think you’ll understand. Let’s say you wanted to become a sports broadcaster and get your dream job of doing play-by-play on Hockey Night in Canada. You can’t get this job straight out of your university communications program, what you have to do first is build your reputation in broadcasting.

You begin by doing play-by-play radio for college hockey, or for a remote community with a junior “C” hockey team. Then, as your reputation grows, you are able to apply and are granted jobs doing play-by-play for better teams in larger markets. You work your way up until your credentials are established. One day the phone rings, and CBC offers you the job.

Google and other search engines treat your website the same way. They are programmed to figure out who you are and why they should pay any attention to your website. The majority of people in the world use Google because it gives the most relevant results for search inquiries. To be able to provide those relevant links they must use an incredibly smart algorithm that decides who gets to the top.

To get to the broadcast booth at Hockey Night in Canada you need “word of mouth”, people talking about you and your work. To get to the front page on Google you need people talking about you to build your reputation in Google’s eyes. Backlinks are the internet’s version of “word of mouth” marketing. As other people link to your website, your reputation grows. The more quality relevant links your site obtains, the better your site does on Google. Building backlinks takes time and effort but if done correctly your web site gains authority over more information from


To get better results on Google you have to build backlinks to your website on a constant and consistent basis. If you are like most website owners we speak with, adding another job to your to-do list is not something you look forward to. That is why we offer our Monthly Link Building Package. We suggest that you consider our monthly link building service because a monthly subscription will break down the cost of a backlinks campaign over an extended period of time. It will allow your website to gain a large number of backlinks at a slow and steady pace – making it look natural.

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